Transformative Events, Locally and Globally

From Chicago to Hong Kong, the Mansueto Institute brings scholars, thought leaders, and changemakers together for high-level convenings that can impact cities around the world. In Chicago, we organize premier events for students, faculty, and the greater Chicago community. Abroad, we work closely with the University’s global centers to foster international academic and organizational collaborations throughout the world, advancing new insights and partnership through comparative analysis of research and practices.
URBAN INNOVATION SERIES. Highlighting high-impact, community-engaged research, in partnership with scholars, leaders, and practitioners from Chicago and beyond.

MANSUETO DISTINGUISHED LECTURES. Bringing thought-leaders from all over the world to share their work and vision with students and faculty.

URBAN READERS SERIES. An ongoing book series, featuring world-renowned authors writing about cities and urban life, in partnership with the Seminary Co-op Bookstore.

“Global urbanization, new data, and critical societal needs are all converging to create great novel opportunities for research, education, and practice. 

We are creating the crossroads of knowledge and practice that can better tackle fundamental problems that have plagued humanity forever and to realize the positive transformative potential of cities for everybody.”

Luis Bettencourt, Pritzker Director, Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation

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