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We’re a hub for urban science, training the next generation of urban scholars.

At the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation, we study the fundamental processes that drive, shape and sustain cities. Our researchers come from the social, natural, and computational sciences, along with the humanities. Together, we pursue innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship, develop new educational programs, and provide leadership and evidence to support global, sustainable urban development.

In a quickly changing pandemic landscape, access to current, validated county-level data and analysis is crucial to understanding needs and supporting planning efforts. County-level visualizations and analytics reveal a more detailed pandemic landscape with local hotspots of surging COVID cases that are missed by state-level data.

Explore the U.S. COVID-19 Atlas developed by the Center for Spatial Data Science at the University of Chicago, affiliated with the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation. Find out more on UChicago News.

Read a letter from Luis Bettencourt, our Inaugural Director, for an update from the Mansueto Institute during COVID-19.

Environmental Frontiers

Environmental Frontiers brings together University of Chicago faculty, students, and staff to collaborate on finding innovative ways to build a more sustainable future on campus and beyond.


How COVID-19 Will Change Life in CIties, featuring Luis Bettencourt

The latest episode of UChicago’s “COVID 2025” video series features Luis Bettencourt, Mansueto Institute Inaugural Director, who discusses how COVID-19 will challenge and change cities in the next 5 years. Watch the video here.

Meet the New Class of Urban Doctoral Fellows

We’re thrilled to present the 2020-2021 Urban Doctoral Fellows! The program provides a yearlong writing and professionalization experience for up to 10 University of Chicago doctoral students whose research focuses on urban issues. Students may come from any department or School at the University of Chicago; they may also be in any year of their PhD. Read their bios.

Many COVID-19 Hot Spots Affect Areas around State Borders

“With a patchwork of policies across the country, it’s not surprising to see hot spots along state borders” via the US COVID Atlas, said Marynia Kolak of UChicago’s Center for Spatial Data Science. Read more about the newly revamped US COVID Atlas on United Press International.

Study Compares Urban Quality of Life and COVID-19 Rates

The Mansueto Institute’s Human Development Index project has been named Innovation of the Month by MetroLab Network and Government Technology magazine. Find out how we’re measuring people’s quality of life at the neighborhood level and how it intersects with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apply Now: Kreisman Graduate Fellows Program

The Kreisman Initiative for Housing Law and Policy brings together the fields of urban science and law to advance housing scholarship and generate new ideas about cities and housing. The Graduate Fellows program will create an interdisciplinary cohort of UChicago students committed to pursuing careers in the dynamic field of housing.



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