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Redlined Neighborhoods Face Greater Risk of Extreme Weather

“Redlining” has had an enduring impact on climate-related risks, particularly flooding and extreme heat, according to a new paper in Nature Cities. Using a database of 202 US cities’ Home Owners’ Loan Corporation maps and high-resolution climate risk data, researchers from the University of Chicago, Yale School of the Environment, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, and Groundwork USA, including Mansueto Institute and Division of Social Sciences postdoctoral fellow Arianna Salazar-Miranda, show that neighborhoods that were previously given “redlined” grades face heightened risks of flooding and extreme heat events in the present day.


Local Data Journalism Fellows Headshots

Local Data Journalism Fellows Announced

The Local Data Journalism Initiative is excited to announce our first cohort of Data Journalism Fellows: Maya Dukmasova of Injustice Watch, Sarah Freishtat of the Chicago Tribune, Matt Kiefer of WBEZ Chicago, Alden Loury of WBEZ Chicago, Dan Petrella of the Chicago Tribune, and A.D. Quig of the Chicago Tribune, and. This summer fellows will investigate critical issues impacting cities, including real estate, transportation, and public finance, with the support of student-faculty data science teams.


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Symposium on Housing & Climate Change

Watch video from the Kreisman Housing Law and Policy Initiative’s annual symposium on May 2, Housing & Climate Change. Two major crises of our time—climate change and a lack of affordable housing—seriously challenge our ability to create cities that are both livable and equitable. The goal of this year’s Kreisman Initiative on Housing Law and Policy Symposium on Housing and Climate Change is to better understand the connections between the two.

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Mansueto Colloquium Series

The Mansueto Institute hosts a lunchtime Colloquium series during the academic year featuring speakers from a variety of fields on the latest research related to cities, in a hybrid format. As the school year winds down, catch up on talks you missed on our Youtube channel, covering everything from the future of high-speed rail to biking in low and middle income cities.

Kreisman Housing Fellowship

University of Chicago graduate students interested in careers in housing! Apply now for the Kreisman Fellows Program, an exciting blend of educational and applied learning opportunities over the 2024-25 academic year, beginning in the fall. You’ll be part of a multidisciplinary cohort of peers exploring interrelated social, economic, and policy influences on housing in this unique opportunity.

Research Analyst

The Mansueto Institute seeks a highly motivated Research Analyst to manage scientific research projects and work under the supervision of the faculty director to analyze data, write summary reports, and assist with manuscript production, with opportunities to present research findings at meetings and/or conferences, and to co-author academic publications.


The Mansueto Institute offers or co-sponsors a variety of programs for students who are interested in cities and sustainable urban development. We offer several fellowship opportunities: the Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Kreisman Initiative for Housing Law and Policy Fellowship, the Urban Doctoral Fellows program, the Community Research on Climate and Urban Science Postdoctoral Fellowship, and the Data Science Journalism Fellowship. Additionally, research assistant positions are available in our Environmental Frontiers Campus program and Urban Research Corps. Check our Opportunities page, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, and follow us on social media to get notified of opportunities as they become available.


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