Frequently Asked Questions

Urban Research Corps


How do I apply to join? Current graduate students can apply online through Mansueto Institute’s web form. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis based on openings and project needs, however, if there are no current openings, applicants can still submit an application and they will be notified as soon as opportunities become available.


Who is eligible to apply? All current graduate students at UChicago are eligible to apply. Given the technical nature of the positions, participants with proven track records performing advanced quantitative research will be most competitive. Successful applicants are often enrolled in computationally focused degree programs.

Are research opportunities available for undergraduate students? Undergraduate students are welcome to apply to the on-campus Micro-Metcalf or the Jeff Metcalf Fellowship Grant Program to seek outside funding for a paid research opportunity, which Mansueto Institute research staff can support in the form of providing mentorship, research supervision, technology resources as well as physical office space (depending on availability). Students should reach out to Nicholas Marchio for more information about undergraduate research opportunities involving outside support.

Can international students apply? Yes – Curricular Practical Training (CPT) work authorization is required; please click here or contact the Office of International Affairs at for more information. CPT authorization must be obtained prior to the start of employment.


What kind of projects will I be working on? Can I apply to work on a specific project?  Research Corps team members will work on a rolling set of projects, determined by the Mansueto Institute’s faculty and staff.  Students are welcome to request a particular project assignment, although Mansueto staff will determine which projects belong to which URC members.

Will I work with faculty members directly? In some cases, projects will involve direct faculty supervision and mentorship; however, in general, day to day supervision will come from Mansueto research staff.

Will I be able to publish a paper based on my work?  Students may choose to write an academic paper, based on their project experience.  However, URC projects are not designed around academic publishing opportunities – rather, they are designed to advance urban scholarship and practice and to create tools, methods, and outcomes for a range of scholars and practitioners.

General Questions

When are applications due?  Each opening will have an application due date, but the URC accepts applications on a rolling basis even if openings are not advertised as currently available. Feel free to submit your materials via the Google Form if you are interested in future URC openings.

What are the start and end dates? Positions in the URC are subject to different term lengths and can range from 3 to 12 months based on project needs, the progression of research, and the availability of participants. Each URC opening will specify anticipated work dates.

What is the pay and hours? Positions are paid $26 per hour. During the school year, participants generally average 10 to 15 hours per week and may not work more than 20 hours per week. Work schedules are flexible and we encourage participants to adjust hours based on their schedule and class workload.

Where are offices located? The Urban Research Corps is located at the Mansueto Institute office on 1155 E 60th St. Due to COVID-19, the program is currently a remote opportunity.

Who would I report to? The Urban Research Corps workers report to a faculty research lead or research staff at the Mansueto Institute.

More Questions?

If you have a question about the Urban Research Corps that’s not answered in this FAQ, you are welcome to reach out to