How We Support Research Projects and Initiatives

Through our initiatives and faculty-led projects, the Mansueto Institute helps faculty members and senior researchers across the University of Chicago incubate and accelerate research that takes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to tackling the challenges and opportunities of cities. Over the course of one or two years, we work with you to help develop your project into a self-sustaining effort.

The Mansueto Institute provides administrative support to enable projects and Initiatives to explore new ideas, experiment with interdisciplinary methods, and amplify research development. This includes financial and staff support for research, events and communication, as well as operational and technological needs. Faculty-led projects or Initiatives also have access to event and co-working space at the Mansueto Institute.


Funding and supervision of research assistants

We support hiring and compensation for research assistants working on faculty initiatives. The Institute can assign students from our Urban Research Corps (URC), a group of graduate and advanced undergraduate students with exceptional quantitative and computational skills, to your project. We can also, in consultation with initiative leads, provide direct funds transfers for student hires in other areas of the University.

Publicity and communications

The Mansueto Institute maintains a robust set of digital channels with a wide local and global reach. The Institute can develop a webpage for your project or Initiative, hosted on the Mansueto website. Our communications team can provide marketing and promotion for your events or achievements as needed, including advising on media inquiries. The Institute also manages a working paper series through the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) as a forum for broadcasting pre-print papers.

Events management

Our events team provides comprehensive logistical support for Initiative events. This includes help in the planning stages to shape timeline, venue, and outreach; day-of event coordination; and documentation of event outcomes. The Institute further provides financial support for event-related food, travel, and lodging.

Data and tech support

The Mansueto Institute provides financial support for data and technology needs within a mutually-agreed project scope, such as the cost of purchasing data sets, data storage, and software, as well as analytical support from a data scientist or research assistant.

Hardware and other materials

Some research projects or Initiatives require specialized equipment or instruments to conduct their research. The Institute will incorporate financial support for hardware as needed during initial project budgeting.

If you are a faculty member or senior researchers interested in launching an Initiative, visit our application page.