Certificate in Urban Science and Sustainable Development

2021-2022 Certificate Application Form

2021-2022 Certificate in US and SD
Dropdown options include frequently offered courses that could meet the certificate requirements. Students may propose other courses, and/or courses previously taken may be submitted for fulfillment of the Certificate requirements. Courses with an emphasis on urban concepts from the social sciences, methods for (spatial) data analysis, environmental dynamics and impacts in cities and with a focus on possible urban sustainable futures (e.g. via policy, technology or design) are all candidates for qualification for the Certificate.
Maximum upload size: 52.22MB
Please address the following in your Statement of Purpose: 1. In what aspect(s) of urban research or practice do you plan to focus? 2. How does the Certificate Program relate to your academic or professional goals? 3. How do you anticipate you will identify your Major Research Project? 4. What initial aspirations do you have for the components and outcomes of your Project work?
Please open bio with a synthesis of your area of study and academic focus. First sentence should include your full name and a summary statement of who you are as an academic and a professional. For example, “Jane Smith is a public policy graduate student focused on youth systems involvement, such as child welfare, juvenile justice, and homelessness.”

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