How and Where We Work


Our student engagement programs together with graduate, postgraduate, and professional Fellows bring the world’s most innovative urbanists to our Institute and into collaboration with each other. By connecting diverse perspectives and methods, we create a crossroads for promoting the vanguard of urban science.


With universities and organizations around the world, and with UChicago’s global centers, we connect people and ideas in unexpected ways, across silos and boundaries, laying a foundation for urban innovation in science, policy, advocacy, and technology.


The University of Chicago is a global hub for innovation in urban science and its applications. As a bridge to industry, we partner on the next generation of new, market-facing ideas with the potential to transform processes that shape the built environment and the human experience of cities.


Our events highlight the work of Mansueto Institute researchers and our partners at the University of Chicago and beyond. We serve as a channel for identifying and communicating big ideas and transformative solutions to audiences around the world.


Our creative environment enables diverse stakeholders to build up the knowledge, networks, and skills that prepare them for the next century of urban solutions. Together with practitioners from many backgrounds — civic, technological, professional — we co-create knowledge and tools that drive new approaches to the most difficult problems of cities.